Tailor Made Property Services, Inc., AMO®

Forming solid partnerships with clients, residents and agencies for the mutual benefit of all.

Tailor Made Property Services, Inc, AMO®is a full service property management company incorporated in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. All partners travel with ease and are able to service all areas of the United States depending on the needs of the client. We offer a full menu of management, marketing consulting and training services. Our purpose is not to be one of the largest companies but to be one of the best. We do this by focusing on the specific needs of each individual client. We “tailor” our service packages to those specific needs. Many times we save our clients considerable amounts of money because they are no longer paying for “cookie cutter” management which includes services they do not want or need. Our principals have over 80 years of combined knowledge and background in the property management field. We have two nationally recognized property management trainers on this team. In addition, we have a management and marketing specialist. This team has the ability to assist in a variety of ways at virtually any time. It is also important to note that with this team there is consistency. Prior to coming together as Tailor Made Property Services, Inc., AMO® this team has worked together successfully for years on a variety of projects. In a people business, relationships are vital.

Frequent physical inspection of all properties

We perform regular inspections of all properties, interior and exterior. This ensures that the property is being maintained and that all operating systems are functioning according to design. This also allows us to keep a sharp eye on preventative maintenance needs and forecast capital expenditure needs accurately.

Consistent Adherence to Applicant Screening Procedures.

We implement consistent screening procedures and provide the staff training necessary to assure compliance. We are able to assist properties in screening all applicants equally and fairly according to rent payment history, lease compliance, housekeeping, credit history and criminal background.

Policy and procedure enforcement

By enforcing all provisions of the lease (or occupancy ) agreement without exception we are able to reduce delinquency and increase resident and client satisfaction.

Community Involvement

We work with resident and neighborhood groups to provide support and / or training assistance. We are able to encourage residents to create stronger and more productive neighborhoods and housing communities.

Renovation Expertise

Tailor Made Property Services, Inc. AMO® has a plethora of multi million dollar renovations completed under the direction of our principals. This puts us in a prime position to lend expertise in overseeing major or minor renovations. Our experience in contract negotiations combined with our hands on management style assures our clients that they will get the most for their investment.

Specialized Reporting

As out name implies, we “tailor” our reporting services to your needs. Whether it is a simple P&L or specialized reports for Agencies or Lenders, it can be done with ease. The team at Tailor Made Property Services, Inc. AMO® has extensive experience in hosting Agency audits on behalf of our clients.

Marketing Service

Tailor Made has the capability to perform a variety of marketing related activities for your property: Market analysis, Training, Outreach activities, Design and implementation of marketing campaigns, Design and production of marketing materials.


Tailor Made Property Services, Inc .AMO® knows how to apply a broad skill to unique situations we encounter on the job. Tailor move with ease into situations that require strong communication, negotiation, customer service, and organizational skills.

Our Role

Tailor Made Property Service Inc, AMO® stays on top of Federal, State, and City regulations to answering calls about broken dishwashers. we protect your investment while also ensuring passive income actually stays passive